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    Becoming an IMG member will help You Achieve your Life Goals through Three (3) Es:

  • 1. Financial EDUCATION:

    You have access to unlimited financial literacy seminars and webinars. Matututo kang mag-Ipon, makalaya sa utang, at mag-Invest. 

  • 2. Financial EXECUTION:  

    You have access to stock market and mutual fund investments, healthcare, life & non-life insurance, real estate, etc. Hindi mo na kailangan ng middleman dahil You will Become Your Own Money Manager. Makakabuo ka ng Secured Future para sa iyong pamilya. 


    You can become an IMG Financial Educator, Teach families how to save and invest, and Build a multi-million Business in the financial industry. Pwede kang kumita habang nakakatulong sa kapwa. IMG is a Business with a Purpose.

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Pwede din ba akong kumita sa IMG?!

a BIG YES!!!

  • You can have a Fulfilling Career in the Financial Industry

  • Pwede kang maging IMG Financial Educator at magturo sa ating mga kababayan paano mag-Ipon, magkaroon ng tamang Protection, at mag-Invest para maabot ang kanilang mga Pangarap.

  • You can Change People's Lives.

  • Pwede mo silang maTulongan na magkaroon din ng success

  • You can Change People's Lives.

  • You can have a rewarding journey, and ganun din ang iyong mga matulongan

  • You can Build a Multi-Million Business

  • When you Do the Mission, you can Make Huge Commissions.

  • You can build your dream team

  • Ang leadership dito sa company ay very fulfilling. You get more rewards and compensation as you fulfill your leadership journey.

  • You can build multiple PASSIVE INCOME streams in IMG.

  • We don't sell. We just Share.

    Pwede kang magsimula as Part-time. 

    NO quota. NO demotion. You Own the Business.

    Plus, the IMG business is pandemic-proof, recession-proof because we have a very powerful Dominate Online Tool.